Earlier this year I discovered the bewitching colors and textures of pastels and have barely looked back since. It’s been a pretty steep learning curve, but I find I can easily create images and impressions in pastel that were much more difficult in oils.


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2/26/14    Not sure that the world really needs another artist musing in ceaseless and mind-numbing detail about her work, but a few people have said they’d like to know more about my process, such as it is. So here we are. I’ll try to keep to the subject. Or maybe not, as the occasional rant may creep in (you’ve got to go with your strengths, right?)  and you never know where that will take us.

Transparent Red Earth, in case you’re wondering, is my favorite paint – its name describes it perfectly and I use it to tame greens, neutralize blues and it’s everywhere in those ubiquitous red cliffs in Zion and all over the rest of the West. It is also on nearly every piece of clothing I own and a few spots in my car. I may end up renaming this “Notes to Myself”, given the number of people who will actually read it, but for now I’ll stick with TRE.

It’s time for me to pack up my painting gear and head down the hill to paint w a group of outrageous women at Desert Art Supply. Without any adult supervision, we paint and laugh and rant about the insanity of American politics. The good folks who own the joint usually just ignore our ravings, and only occasionally come back to the studio to ask us to kindly pipe down.

And since this is supposed to be an art blog, here’s what I did yesterday. It’s a sunflower bud, but reminds me of the evil guy’s weird spaceship in Star Trek – the one w Chris Pine playing the young Capt. Kirk.  9×12

sunflower bud