A few words from Linda

The view from my window is Black Mountain, just south of Las Vegas. And, like most mountains in the Mojave Desert, it is nearly devoid of anything green. When I moved here from Oregon, this seemed like another planet. I’d lived in the desert before, but the Sonoran Desert is lush compared to the stark, nearly naked rocks that surround me now. It took a few months, but I learned to see the beauty that surrounds me. I also began to paint.

Now, as I move through this astounding landscape I see more than my surroundings. I watch as the light moves down the mountain and across the valley. What color is that shadow? How does the sky reflect in the river? Every sunset is not only a moment of unique glory, but an example of how light transforms whatever it touches.

We are beyond fortunate to have places like so much of the American Southwest, still open and unspoiled. I am grateful to have found a way to express my love of this land.

I invite you to travel with me through its canyons, along its rivers and lakes.  Where we’ll end up is anybody’s guess.